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The Story of SantaPark

Since the very long time ago, elves have been living together with nature far away from big cities and all the busy life. Some elves preferred to live in the forest, some around the rivers, however some of the elves decided to live in the cavern of Syväsenvaara.

This cavern is a purely special place – all the elves started to come together in the Elf School to share their magical stories, teach and learn essential elf skills and enjoy their time. Santa Claus, one of the kindest ones in the world, visited the cave elves to learn about their lifestyle and join the elf school.

After only 99 years elves realized the talent of Santa Claus – he became a great Professor of Wishes and learnt the real art of reindeer flying, elf logistics and making toys. With his rich knowledge and wish to spread the words of kindness and goodwill they opened the cave for human visitors to explore all the magical places and meet Santa and his friends – elves and Ice Princess. That is how the story of SantaPark began.

Discover the home cavern of Santa Claus with his elves and turn your visit to Lapland into a life-long memory!


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People behind SantaPark

Behind Santa Claus Secret Forest – Joulukka, SantaPark and Santa Claus delivery services is a Finnish couple, Ilkka Länkinen and Katja Ikäheimo-Länkinen. They have been working in experience industry since 1997. They started their path by offering very detailed and professional Santa Claus services and has grown into a true fairytale that consist of several locations offering magical experiences with true professionalism.

The idea behind SantaPark was to create the most authentic and unforgettable Christmas experience for our guests at the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. We wanted to let everyone to discover a place where it is Christmas every day: jolly elves are welcoming everyone to enjoy great time in the unique underground park with all the magical activities, Ice Princess invites to under cross the Arctic Circle and visit her frosty Ice Gallery and, of course, Santa Claus, happy to make everyone’s trip to Lapland purely unforgettable!