Our jolly elves and Santa Claus would like to invite you to their own home cavern – SantaPark. Take your family, beloved friends, or your soulmate to enjoy many hours of fantastic activities inside the cavern, since the ticket is valid for 2 consecutive days and pictures with elves and Santa are very welcome. Dive into the world of Christmas magic and everlasting memories of a winter holiday together with us!

Santa Claus has many amazing places for you to visit. Ticket price includes all the fun attractions in SantaPark and there is no need to book any of these in advance.

Elf School

Earn your very own diploma and hat at our legendary Elf School! Join our wise Professor Elves for a lesson in important Elf secrets and skills, such as peeking through the windows and the importance of kindness.

The elf school could be found easily in a fun tunnel of SantaPark, few meters away from Magic Train and Santa’s Office, underneath the giant book of Elfology. Duration of the Elf school training is approx. 20 minutes. Elf graduation hat and diploma are included for every guest of SantaPark!

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Santa’s office

Visit Santa Claus in his Office and whisper your dearest Christmas wishes directly into his ear. During this private meeting, you can take as many pictures with your own devices as you wish. We also offer you a chance purchase our official photograph of your magical meeting with Santa Claus.

Post office

Did you know that the delivery of every child’s Christmas wish lists requires a very special kind of Elf magic? The Post Elves are more than happy to tell you all about it, along with their other most unique postal delivery systems! At the Post Office, you can also send your own holiday greetings to your loved ones.

Elf show

The talented Acrobat Elves have arranged something very special for you! The magical and fun-filled Elf Show is performed on the SantaPark main stage 3–4 times every day. You can find the performance times when you arrive at the home cavern of Santa Claus.

The elf show combines elements of acrobatics, humour, and magic! It is universally understandable and no language or age limits to understand the plot and enjoy it. Watching the show could be perfectly combined with having a lunch at Kota area, no booking needed.

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Elf workshop

As you may have guessed, the Elves love all sorts of Christmas handicrafts! Step inside the cozy Workshop Hut, where the Elves will encourage you to release your inner artist and create your very own piece of Christmas art! You can either take your creation home with you or hang it on the colourful walls of the hut.

Cross the Arctic Circle underground

Did you know that SantaPark is the only place in the world where you can cross the Arctic Circle underground? So, step into the realm of the Ice Princess and feel the crisp touch of air welcome you to the arctic! The most eager ones can purchase their very own Crossing Diploma.

Mrs. Gingerbread's bakery

The Bakery is filled with the smell of Christmas and the warm laughter of Mrs. Gingerbread. The cosy atmosphere invites you in to enjoy a cup of warm glögi and sit down to decorate your very own gingerbread cookie. The shelves of the Bakery are covered with goodies that could serve as a delicious souvenir.

Magic train

Magic, but that is how it goes! Hop on the Magic Train and travel through the world of Christmas! The train is suitable for absolutely any age group and you can take the magic train ride as many times per your visit as you wish!

Toy factory shopping area

Welcome to this special shopping area of the Elves! Ask any of the Elves and they will excitedly tell you all about their magical ways of preparing Christmas gifts. This is also a great place for discovering souvenirs as the shelves are covered with Christmassy fun.

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Our jolly Elves and Santa Claus would like to invite you to their own home cavern - SantaPark.

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